Buying or Selling a Business in Denver | Susan Larsen

Whether you are Purchasing a Business or Selling a Business, you will need to ensure that all aspects are fully examined and accounted for in the transaction. An experienced Transaction Attorney from Larsen Law can assist you with the Sales Contracts. Visit

Susan Larsen

An experienced Transactional Attorney plays a critical role in virtually all business transactions as they are experienced in not only the law, but also economics and business, and they add value to every transaction by maximizing the client’s gains from the deal. Transactional Attorneys must understand the business, financial, and economic aspect of every transaction to be able to draft workable contracts, conduct due diligence, or counsel clients on issues that require business savvy, as well as knowing the law. Transactional Attorneys typically give ongoing business advice to assist clients in avoiding problem areas or potential pitfalls, as items arise in the future.

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