Harassed by Encore Receivables Collection Agency? | Lemberg & Associates

Many consumers complained that it was common practice on Encore Receivables‘ part not to identify themselves when they called, ignore cease and desist letters, misrepresent themselves as the owner of the debt, and engage in other abusive practices. Unfotunately, these kinds of practices are not unusual, but a dedicated consumer protection attorney can help. Visit http://stopcollector.com/agency/Encore-Receivable-Management.php for more information.

Encore ReceivablesSergei Lemberg, Esq. In almost a decade of practicing law, Mr. Lemberg has earned a reputation as a tough and tireless advocate with a passion for helping average people fight for compensation they deserve. He stands up to huge carmakers, insurance companies, debt collection agencies, and other big businesses. In fact, he has been designated the “most active consumer attorney” by the debt collection industry.

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