How to Deal with Portfolio Recovery Associates Collection Agency | Lemberg & Associates

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC boasts about the A+ rating it has received from the Better Business Bureau. What Portfolio Recovery Inc. doesn’t mention is that an astounding 1,074 Portfolio Recovery complaints have been lodged and closed with the BBB over the past three years (as of May 2012). As a consumer, it is not always easy to understand your rights as they apply to debt collection. The experienced debt harassment lawyers at Lemberg & Associates can help you to know if any debt collector has crossed the line into harassment. Visit

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLCSergei Lemberg, Esq. In almost a decade of practicing law, Mr. Lemberg has earned a reputation as a tough and tireless advocate with a passion for helping average people fight for compensation they deserve. He stands up to huge carmakers, insurance companies, debt collection agencies, and other big businesses. In fact, he has been designated the “most active consumer attorney” by the debt collection industry.

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