Motorcycle Crash | Denver Colorado | Attorney Wade Eldridge

If you are involved in a motorcycle crash and believe you have been injured, the first thing you should do is seek out medical attention. Some motorcycle injuries may seem minor, but can quickly escalate into dangerous medical conditions. This is especially true with traumatic brain injuries. Contact the police and have them file an accident report. Collect the name, vehicle information, and insurance information for all the parties involved in the motorcycle accident. If you are able you may also want to collect contact information for any witnesses to the accident (in the event the police are not called or do not take the information themselves).
It is important to call your motorcycle insurance company and discuss the details of the accident. Most insurance companies require their policy holders to notify them if they are involved in any kind of accident, whether minor or severe.

You may want to consider discussing the details of your accident with a Denver motorcycle accident attorney. Our law firm provides a free case consultation for anyone who is concerned about protecting their legal rights. Insurance companies are not always thorough and have been known to rush people to close out personal injury claims. You can protect yourself from personal responsibility for future medical expenses by reviewing insurance settlement agreements with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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