Wisconsin Brain Injury Attorney | Leonard Jastroch

Wisconsin personal injury attorney Leonard Jastroch provides FREE injury case evaluations to victims who have been injured in Wisconsin. In most cases our law firm works on a contingency fee basis which means that if we don’t collect, you don’t pay. Please visit http://www.traumalawyer.com for more information.

Wisconsin Brain Injury AttorneyTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is terrifying and extremely stressful. While the brain is well-protected by the skull, it is such a fragile, and such a vital organ, that when the brain is injured, the results can be catastrophic. Wisconsin brain injury lawyers know that in many cases, symptoms from brain injuries can take some time to present themselves, and the effects of brain injuries can be painful, unsettling, and confusing. Understanding brain injuries requires first of all that you realize that doctors do not fully understand how the brain works. There has been a great deal of study of the brain in recent years, and doctors know more all the time, but the brain is still a great mystery.

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