Wisconsin Insurance Attorney | Leonard Jastroch

Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney Leonard Jastroch provides FREE injury case consultations to those who believe they are not being told the truth by an insurance company. In most cases our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing if we are unable to collect money for you. Visit our Wisconsin law firm online at http://www.traumalawyer.com for more information.

Wisconsin Personal Injury AttorneyMost people have dealt with some form of insurance, and understand that the function of insurance is to pay for damage or medical bills, depending on the type of insurance, when something unexpected happens. However, many people don’t have much more idea of what insurance is than that. In a nutshell, when you buy an insurance policy, you agree to pay policy premiums, in return for which, the insurance company agrees to pay for certain items that may arise as stipulated in the policy. When you buy a health insurance policy, the company agrees to pay for some portion of your medical bills. With car insurance, they agree to pay some portion of damages caused in car accidents. When you buy the policy, both you and the insurance company are assuming that the other will operate in good faith, which means that you each honor your end of the agreement.

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